KaiKai Travel Club

KaiKai Travel Club provide private sightseeing tours of Yangshuo, Longi Rice Terraces, Sanjiang and the surrounding area. We arrange some one day package tours, two day package tours, river tours, biking tours, caving tours and more. We can also help you design your own customized tour or day trip.

The founder

Hello, my friends, i am Hannah Wuu, the founder of KaiKai Travel Club. I am born and raised at a small village, named Diling in Longsheng courty, Guilin, Guangxi province, China. My family is from the ethnic minority “Tong people”. During my childhood, my family was very poor. When i was 16 years old, i went to Longsheng town to work in a guest house. Than i could work and study and i started to learn English. For me it was the first time i saw foreign tourist. A very nice experience, because i find them all very friendly.

During 2007-2011, I operated my first guest house in Tiantou zhai, Dazhai village, named “Jin tian guest house”. In this period I made a lot of foreign friends. After my guest house i started my own private travel organisation "KaiKai Travel Club". On this way i could help my friends showing the Guilin area. Beside this i also went to operate a new inn named “Tian Ranju Inn”.

Why choose us?

  • We treat each tourist as a friend
  • We offer a competitive price
  • All of the tours are at your own pace and comfort
  • we provide customized and custom-made tours
  • We provide personal travel consultant
  • Our flexibility and personalized services

Our tours are fit for:

  • Couples
  • Families and small groups
  • Visitors with special interests
  • Photographers


River cruise

Li River is a beautiful river with picturesque landscapes. It winds its way from Guilin to Yangshuo and is perfect for a relaxing river cruise!


Hiking is a nice way to see the beautiful karst landscape around Guilin, appreciate poetic countryside scenery, and seeing the life of locals.

Bamboo rafting

Bamboo rafting from Yangdi to Xingping. This is the highlight tour of the Li River. Like this you are very close to the water, the hills and the nature.

Liu sanjie show

Sanjie Liu is a show set in real mountains and rivers in Yangshuo. You can sit back and enjoy the show in the peaceful surroundings.