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Bamboo rafting

Li River Rafting

Experience a raft cruise on Li River, in one of China’s most famous scenic areas. Listed by America’s National Geographic Magazine as one of the world’s top ten watery wonders, a raft cruise on the Li River is an unforgetable experience. Breathe the fresh air, feel gentle breezes, and appreciate the fabulous landscape seen on both sides of Li River as you float along. Bamboo raft cruises are available from Yangdi to Xingping (2 hours trip) or Yangshuo to Liugong ( a 3 hour trip). Each raft holds up to 4 people.

Pricing: :270RMB/ Person,198RMB/ Person (2-8p) (Yangdi to Xingping)
Time:8:00am ,9:40am(including transport to Yangdi pier)
220RMB /Person (Yangshuo to Liugong)
Time:6am to 4pm everyday

Yulong River Rafting

Near Yangshou one finds the Yulong River with its’ clear and slow- moving waters. These calm warm waters are excellent for rafting. Each raft holds two persons. While sitting on your raft you can enjoy the beautiful view of landscape.


  1. Upstream rafting (Golden Dragon Bridge to jiuxian county): RMB280 per raft for 2 persons (2 - 2.5 hours).
  2. Downstream rafting (Chaoyang Pier to Gongnong Bridge): RMB230 per raft for 2 persons(2 hours).
  3. Whole journey rafting (Golden Dragon Bridge to Gongnong Bridge): RMB420 per raft for 2 persons (4 - 5 hours).
  4. From Yangshuo to Fuli and back RMB160 per raft for 4 persons (2 hours).

All transportation is included in the price.

Time: 6am to 4pm everyday